Over the Glass
Over the Glass is a study of homosexual and bisexual peepshows in NYC. Chances are you’ve walked by one without ever noticing.  Men come to the peepshows seeking casual sexual encounters with other men.  They stand silently in line and wait to find someone to play with in the darkness. The odor of sperm and saliva hangs in the air, thinly masked by the smell of air freshener.  The atmosphere is intense and highly sexual.  The random physical encounters these men experience offer only a short lustful release, usually followed by a feeling of emptiness.
At a close distance, I observe these men having encounters, exploring their sexuality and even prostituting themselves.  The only thing separating me from them is the plexiglass: a scratched and hazy monument to an erotic history the mainstream will never know.  This barrier provides me with protection and encourages me to become more aggressive as a photographer.  It allows me to act as voyeur, portraying these charged sexual acts while simultaneously stimulating my own odd curiosities.
2013 - 2015